Thoughts on a New Year

Yes, I know. It’s February, a bit late to be welcoming the New Year, but we just had the Belgium GAA AGM, and it’s left me with a few concerns. Firstly, now that Olof is no longer chairman, does this mean that he will stop referring to himself as Chairman Mao? Will it give him more time to snoop into the scandalous “private” lives of his formerly loyal subjects? Or will he desert us completely, only to be seen tearing around the pitch at training and in the distance at football tournaments, always choosing to drink passion-fruit juice and to leave early to catch up on his beauty sleep?

My second concern is about camogie, for which I am now responsible. I should have probably mentioned this to someone beforehand, but responsibility isn’t my strongest point. Not because of a lack of ability, more of a lack of motivation. Perhaps this will provide that much-needed injection of urgency into my life. 

The AGM did not set my mind completely at ease, given the hopeful and encouraging nudges and nods sent in my direction. But in spite of this, and other incidental unsettling issues at the table, I am confident that all aspects of Belgium GAA will go from strength-to-strength in 2010.


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