1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back?

Tomorrow is the big day. 22 years after starting primary school, 14 years after starting secondary school, 8 years after starting university and a mere 4 years after beginning my first Masters course, I am on the verge of starting yet another college degree: this time, a Masters in European Journalism. 
Emotions are mixed at this moment in time. I’m nervous, because I have turned my back on a career in public affairs and lobbying. I’m a little disappointed, because it looks like I am renouncing the work that I have done to date, both at university and in my working life here in Brussels. But I’m also excited. This is a whole new chapter in the book.
My first months in Brussels were compared by many to the university experience that I never had. Now, I have spun that theory completely on its head, by actually entering into a real-life university experience. 
Tomorrow I will meet a group of students, most of whom are moving to Brussels for the first time. In a way, I may have a slight advantage over them, but in other ways, it is going to be difficult. Will this be good for my career in the long run, or is it a sign of my inability to settle down? I’m hoping that the former will eventually resolve the latter problem, and that a couple of years from now I will be doing a job that I love.
Until then, I will leave you with this theme tune. It is close to my heart and perfectly apt under the circumstances. Enjoy!

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