You don’t bring me flowers anymore

Giverny (7)


In typical Sylvia style, this week I was sick while the November sun was shining and got better when the November rain began. This is all part of my so-called sabbatical: the ability to stew at home with a cold, instead of being cooped up in an office, and to change my wet clothes at leisure, rather than sitting around in damp socks for the day.

Ensconced at home with a cup of tea, I was reading today’s Writer’s Almanac (link below) and saw that it was Monet’s birthday. This reminded me of a visit to his home in Giverny with Mom and Finola during my Erasmus year in 2005. I had to root out some photos of that lovely day, surrounded by flowers, sunshine and these two beauties, so decided to share them here, the last one especially.

Giverny (20)

Giverny (19)

Giverny (8)

Giverny (6)

Giverny (21)

It was a very sunny day and she needed a hat. Love you, Mom!


The Writer’s Almanac


So much emotion


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