Painting by Babies: C. RAMIC Art Café

Autumn. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. And babies. Between 8 September and 8 November this year, four of them are due in my friend circle. Two beautiful boys have already arrived, another baby is due this very weekend and in two weeks, I’ll be in Scotland to help out with the next one. Hopefully that little person won’t arrive until after its mother and I have been to see the new James Bond film. #priorities

Anyway, in honour of this occasion, I’ll tell you about our triple baby shower, which took place back in August (as usual, my finger is on the pulse of this situation). The three Brussels-based pregnants were told to be at the Bailli tram stop, from where they were guided just down the road to C.RAMIC Art Café (Rue Lesbroussart 112, 1050 Brussels).

.20150806_181853 20150806_181900 20150806_212433

As it was a balmy evening, we were able to make good use of their garden terrace, where we had set up lots of gold balloons, crowns, wreaths and these awesome yokes:

20150806_180153 20150806_180204 20150806_180213

The concept of the C.RAMIC Art Café is that you choose a blank ceramic, be it a plate, a jug, a little statue or any number of items they have on display. Then you choose what colours and designs you want to use, with plenty of suggestions from the staff, and from there you get creative. The staff were lovely and delighted with all the imminent babies. While we were sitting, painting and chatting, they served drinks and whatever food was on offer that day (pasta in our case). It was ideal for a baby shower, which obviously can’t get too boozy (although the non-pregnants among us had a sneaky glass of wine).


Painting is hungry work

Once you are done, you hand in your works to be glazed and baked and they are usually ready about a week later. It being August and holidays pending, we had to wait a few more weeks. The cost of the entire evening is based on which ceramic you choose. For example, a vase might be €30 and a cup only €8, but this price includes your meal. It is a popular spot for children’s birthday parties, but there were a few other tables who just seemed to be regulars. It was a very soothing activity* and everyone agreed that they wanted to try it again. Barbara’s piece had an accident during the baking process and she was given a voucher for another try, so a repeat visit may be on the cards.

20150925_195505 20150806_212459  20150806_221120

As a present for the three mamas-to-be, we added three slates, decorated by Caragh, and each signed our names on the back.

20150806_212341 20150925_195519

*It was not soothing for me. My friends are very talented, even those who didn’t know what the plan was. I made and confirmed the booking, but only remembered on the day of the shower that art has never been my strong point. This was somewhat stressful, which I thought I had hidden, until the final product was revealed, dated (by me) as 2016. In future, I’ll stick to baking and glazing cakes.

 IMG-20150919-WA0003IMG-20150919-WA0005 IMG-20150919-WA0007


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