Fare Thee Well, Brussels (for now)

The last night in Brussels was my last night of work, St Patrick’s Night and the night when my sweetheart discovered that he wasn’t allergic to Jägerbombs after all.


We captured this lovely photo and tottered off home to bed.


Unfortunately, my last night in Brussels was followed by the first leg of my big trip: a weekend of bridesmaid dress shopping in London. My alarm was set for 5am, but at 6.48am (the Eurostar would depart at 7.56am), I was woken by this cheery photo.


My travel companions were already on route and I hadn’t even packed. Thankfully, I had my lovely assistant on hand to pack my bag and call a taxi while I ran around the apartment in a useless state of panic. I still got there before Jane and Charlie, albeit swigging from a bottle of sparkling water and sweating slightly.


All’s well that ends well. We got the dress shopping done in about 30 minutes and the rest of the weekend was our oyster. Dear Laura, just remember…if I managed to look good in a gown after that rush, imagine how fantastic I will look in September. I promise I’ll be on time 😘


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