Two important weddings will take place later this year. Colm and Andy, my Australian uncles, will get married in Ballymaloe in July. I’m coming back from Canada especially for it, because I love them, it’s a family wedding and not only that, but will be the first gay wedding in the family. #candywedding2016

The other important wedding is that of Laura and Andy (different Andy) in London. #bartkerds16. Laura is the first of our Brussels Wolf Pack to get married, which is very grown up and exciting. I’m a bridesmaid, hence the early morning dash to the Eurostar and the shopping escapade in Westfield. The success of our shopping meant that we were able to focus more on the relaxing side of being together.


While finding the bridesmaid dresses was a special moment, the fact that Laura wasn’t physically involved meant that we didn’t get too emotional. She was busy taking these photos with Charlie.


But the next day, when she showed us around the church where they will get married, I was hit with all the feels. It’s the church of St Clemens (yes, of oranges and lemons fame!) on the Strand near the Royal Courts of Justice.



I wandered around, reading everything I could. Picturing us walking down that very wide aisle ahead of Laura, I got simultaneously panicky and happy (hapicky?). This place is kind of a big deal.


But we’ll be surrounded by friends and loved ones and…did I mention looking absolutely gorgeous? It’s going to be a great day.


Goodbye beautiful church. We’ll see you in September.


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  1. A few notes

    – well done on being the first to publish the Candy hashtag. The internet needs to know about this
    – has anyone seen the two Andy’s in the same room? FOOD FOR THOUGHT
    – The jinx will be HIGH at both of these weddings #fact


    1. The other hashtag #bartkerds16 has now been added


  2. brennanjane says:

    Poor Charlie – that selfie with Laura – not his best look. She could have at least wiped his chin, he hasn’t learned yet. Some day when she needs her chin wiped in circa 55 years, I’ll instruct him not to do it, but to take a selfie with her instead.


    1. I wonder if she will still have sad eyes then


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