Thirteen going on Thirty

I finally got rid of the last of my teenage diaries. They had been burning a hole in a cupboard at home and it was only a matter of time before Dad found them and scanned them for posterity. I had destroyed half of them in the stove last year, reading selected hilarious passages to Mom. On my own, without the element of comedy, they veered between depressing and mortifying.

The last one to go was 1998, the most colourful diary from a visual point of view, as it was covered with stickers of various music groups. I was especially into All Saints and 5ive. If this diary was anything to go by, my main life priorities were: getting a boyfriend, my Tamagotchi, Martha’s love life, the weather, hating school, various illnesses and injuries, whether or not I had to get the bus in the morning and other detailed minutiae of life in Glenville.

But top of the list, by a long shot, was my undying love for Leonardo DiCaprio. On the first page, it merited a mention ahead of my personal details.


That was the year that Titanic came out. I swore I would die if I didn’t get to see it in the cinema and was elated to find out that it was for over-12s.

When Martha and I eventually got to see it, the excitement was at fever-pitch. At the best of times, my handwriting was fairly catastrophic, but Titanic drove me completely over the edge. I ran out of words…or so I said.



We can only imagine the hysteria in the car on the way home. Poor John. He also brought Martha to a Boyzone concert around the same time and deserves all the respect in the world.

My own father knew how to make me happy:


The main lesson to be learnt from all this is that computers are my friends, as my handwriting hasn’t changed much since I was 13. As for my love for Leo, it has ebbed over the years. Thirteen-year-old Sylvia claimed that he was robbed (ROBBED!) too many times at the Oscars, so you can bet she would be ecstatic to hear this year’s result.


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  1. brennanjane says:

    This is fabulous.

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  2. my love for Leo still lives on…..


    1. I’ll always have a soft spot for him 😊

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