The Walkies Club

You’ve seen The Breakfast Club, the John Hughes film from the 1980s, where 5 kids representing different high school cliques have to spend a Saturday on detention together. I’ve been feeling like the principal in that film a lot lately.

I’m spending time with all the animals, you see. Between the two houses, there are 5 dogs, 2 cats, 1 pony, 4 doves and a number of hens. The teachers in the family started identifying the dogs as students, but I wanted to link them to a film and The Breakfast Club stuck in my head. Jasper (red setter) is the rebel with a soft side, Omar (golden retriever) is the jock, Ellie (King Charles) is the princess and Sisu (the cat) is most definitely the basket case. We don’t have the brain, but we have Buster (springer spaniel), who doesn’t have much of a brain but has a big heart and a newfound overwhelming love of balls and water.

When it comes to Amber, the cocker spaniel, I have to change film references completely. She is a strange mix between Regina George, the Queen Bee in Mean Girls, and Eeyore, the sad donkey from Winnie the Pooh.

We know she looks down on the other dogs and goads them on when it comes to chasing birds and barking at neighbours. She is convinced that she is made for a better life than them and is highly offended when she is banished to the shed, instead of being invited inside with her two-legged equals. That’s why she milked the opportunity to feel extra sorry for herself last week, when she got an rabbit allergy (AS IF she would deign to chase a rabbit) and got to spend some time inside with me. On my part, this was mainly because the other dogs found her wound intriguing and were following her around in a vaguely perverted way.

She is healing now, unlike the poor cat. He (although we refer to him as a her) has the same allergy, but his reaction is to lose all his hair gradually. This undignified look means he is even more of a basket case than usual.

As for me, I’m enjoying spending as much time as possible outdoors in the sun with this little club (group shot not possible).


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  1. preachan says:

    I look forward to your entries!!

    Colm’s phone 🍀



    1. Thanks Colm. It’s very home-based now so I thought you would!


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