I’m behind on posting, because it’s my holidays and I like to take the opportunity to snooze whenever I want, as opposed to needing to snooze from illness and work.

On Tuesday, I bussed and ferried my way to Lynn Canyon in North Vancouver. That’s right, I opted for the cheaper version of the Capilano Suspension Bridge and I’m proud of it. I also went on a good day according to a park employee, who had a haunted look in his eyes when contemplating the weekend crowds.


There were signs all over the place warning about the extreme dangerous water and cliff hazards, with various memorials to unfortunate people who had died in the vicinity in the past. The most recent one was for a 16-year-old who drowned less than two months ago.


So I was being careful. I wore bright clothes, suitable walking shoes, plenty of drinking water and said a bright hello to everyone I passed, in the hope that if I fell off a cliff, someone would recall the chirpy Irish girl and search for me in the undergrowth.


I did a sedate lap of Rice Lake, which was very pretty and relaxed.


I was being lulled into a sense of peaceful contemplation, until I realised that there was a snake sitting right in front of me, between two rocks. I sprang to my feet and vaulted over my bench, making panicked squeaky noises.


I didn’t get a chance to check at the ecology centre but have determined that it was a Western Terrestrial Garter snake, not lethal but not particularly pleasant either.

Adrenaline coursing through my veins, I eschewed the normal way back and continued on along a section of the Baden-Powell trail, which had that extra wilderness feature that I was looking for, and ended up walking all the way back to the ferry.


I mean, on the Lynn Canyon part, I saw a Chinese woman wearing heeled boots. That just rendered my walking shoes redundant. The extra section made my lunch taste even better.



All that was missing was a bear on the opposite bank, but I was OK without that. I forgot to pack Fiona’s bear spray.


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  1. Caoimhe says:

    I have same thinking when walking alone Sylvia – it’s all about the cheery hellos…just in case… It’s good to plan for the worst😊. Have you a bear bell for your bag??
    Looks and sounds fab. Glad to see it’s going well x


    1. A bear bell! I never heard of one of them but now feel it is the way forward. Until then I’m singing loudly when walking alone 😊


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