Prince was right about the snow

A month ago, I had dinner in Schievelavabo in Brussels and it was snowing. This morning, I left a rainy Vancouver and, en route to Whistler, it turned to snow. The bus driver emphasised how unusual this was, saying that it had rained when he was there in January and that temperatures had reached the high 20s in the same area last week.

In such bad weather, there seemed to be only one thing to do: take a detour to the Whistler Olympic Park in the Callaghan Valley, which hosted the Nordic events during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.


Nearby was what I assumed was the holder for the Olympic flame. Either that or it was a large barbeque.


I felt quite knowledgeable about ski-jumping, but secretly knew that this knowledge was based on seeing Eddie the Eagle in the cinema a few weeks ago.

There were warnings about the presence of bears everywhere. As if the Olympics wasn’t exciting enough, imagine the added value of a bear chasing a top athlete down a ski jump. The tourist website offers even more challenges:


Who doesn’t want a wedding with a surprise guest?!

Now it’s off to Whistler. The weather is due to improve tomorrow. Hopefully this means that a few bears will venture out (at a safe distance) and that we will be able to see further than the tips of our noses on the Sea-to-Sky drive back to Vancouver in the afternoon.

Oh, and any tips for great hikes around Whistler would be much appreciated!


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