September is almost here. The summer has flown by since I left Canada. I needed a little blogging break, but every time I did something or went somewhere, I still kept thinking “what will I say about this?” And yet I didn’t say anything.

Time to rectify that and talk about the two most important events of the last month and a half.

First of all, the wedding that sent me to Ballymaloe on 24 July. My uncles have been husbands for a month now and aside from thanking them for their beautiful wedding, I am also grateful for a reason to bring the whole family together. Didn’t we look sharp?

Everyone was in flying form, embracing the holiday mood and the good weather. Lydia sang, Diarmuid strummed, Mom made us all cry and laugh at the same time, Robin pranced around in her vest (she is 9 months old, apparently it is still allowed at that age) and we all danced until the early hours.

A few days at home was just what I needed to adjust to being back in Europe.

The other important occasion was the reunion with this guy.


He has been so lovely and supportive during my travels, so as a reward, he gets to live with me. As previous roommates (poor Grace in particular) know, I’m not the easiest person to be with on a long term basis. I need my space, even more so now after living alone for three years and travelling on my own for three months. But I’m gradually assimilating myself back into civilisation, even though sometimes I’m still going to shut myself onto the balcony for nail-polishing and breathing exercises.




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  1. Martha says:

    Can we do that wedding again?


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