The week when I…(2)


Wouldn’t the return to school have been much easier if we all had chocolate pencils from Leonidas?

I should have written something in between this week’s summary and last week, but instead I:

Wrote: a Brussels food and drink guide for TheTaste (thanks to Erica for putting in a word for me). There are so many options for eating and drinking in Brussels that in a way, I was almost glad that I was restrained by the August shutdown and my light wallet. Otherwise the list would have been far longer.


Read: I went old-school and read Cuckoo in the Nest by Michelle Magorian (note to self: return it to Caoimhe’s house, she doesn’t know you took it). When Martha and I were teenagers, we read A Little Love Song and by read, I mean we were OBSESSED with A Little Love Song and read it about 54 times each over the space of one summer. Teenage girls evacuated to Cornwall in WWII, falling in love and having S-E-X. It spoke to us.

Made: I’ve been experimenting with tons of recipes this week, especially from the first Avoca Cafe cookbook. Although the Spanish pork stew was delicious and very picturesque (see below), the big winner was the tomato, cheese and black olive bread. Young Charlie Byrne ate it so vigorously that he managed to get it right up his nose.

On Sunday morning, I was feeling out of sorts, so I turned to the Hummingbird Bakery.


The ensuing apple and oatmeal cookies (gluten-free because I had run out of plain flour) were simple and delicious. This time, I tested them on two individual babies. John had the option of a rice cake or a cookie and he went for the cookie (I’m taking that as a win, although some may say that a piece of aeroboard would be more appetising than a rice cake). Charlie managed to eat his own and to subtly sneak Jane’s out of her hand while she was watching the All-Ireland Hurling Final.

Worked: Aside from working on my job applications, I’ve also been helping out on Paul and Yamila’s burrito stand, Beanstalk Burritos. They’ve been going for about six months, having launched the business at the St Patrick’s Festival in March, and the good reputation is growing. A permanent presence at the Jeudi Jardin market in Maalbeek on Thursdays, the stall is also regularly at the Friday evening market at Place Des Chasseurs Ardennais, the Saturday market in Place Flagey and the Sunday market in Place Jourdan. I have a personal love for the pulled pork, but they have something to suit every taste.

Listened: My sleep patterns are not consistent at all. I rarely get through a night without waking up once or twice and lying there, worrying and listening to the snoring beside me (the unconscious jeer). Aside from resorting to night-time walks or early morning runs, I’ve been trying out a few specially-targeted podcasts. One in particular is the Game of Drones category of the Sleep With Me podcast. Sometimes it works, other times I lie there trying to figure out what the hell he is talking about. But I don’t want to rely on sleeping pills just yet so here’s hoping.

Looking forward: On Friday, half of Brussels is heading to London for Laura and Andy’s wedding. My bridesmaid dress is hanging beside me as I type. It’s going to be great to update these photos.


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  1. astrid says:

    I read your food and drink guide and I loved it! I didnt know you wrote until I came to the end of the guide 🙂 lovely surprise!! 🙂


    1. Thanks Astrid! Glad you enjoyed it. There are so many other places I would have liked to add. I’ll have to do a sequel 😃


  2. omg A LITTLE LOVE SONG, I’m going to find my copy when i go home next month and read it again. Hilarious how we thought we could relate. I WANTED TO LIVE IN THEIR COTTAGE!


    1. We were too precious for our own good.


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