Whistle While You Work

In case you haven’t checked the calendar…it’s still January. February is peeking shyly around the corner, but January continues to hang around like a bad smell. No, actually January is like that scene in bad romantic films, where the guy walks the girl to her door and they have that awkward “Sooooo…this is me” conversation. In this case, January will not be invited in for coffee and will get a subtle brush-off by text message tomorrow morning.


I’m sitting here on a bleak January evening, waiting for his nibs* to come home from a weekend of work. Half an eye is on How to Get Away with Murder and the other 1.5 eyes are on my computer screen. It was a toss up between this and The Crown, but there are so many silent and meaningful looks in the latter that I end up having to rewind and check what I missed. At least with HTGAWM, I know that a silence usually means someone is having sex. Oh look…they’re at it again.

*So difficult to type but I did it for Martha.

I read somewhere recently about alternatives to meditation. My first attempt at meditation ended up in a very satisfying nap on my bedroom floor and things have gone downhill since then. It seems that I am not alone. Switching off is not an easy process, nor is it a prescribed one. I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that what makes my mind peaceful and calm is a deep apartment clean and the opportunity to bake. Basically, I’m Snow White, sans adorable woodland creatures.


In this spirit of good mental health, this weekend I set aside time to bake biscuits and clean out my limited kitchen storage space. It turns out that whenever my mother “saves” her kitchen cupboards for me to clean out on trips home, she actually does it for my own good. She’s the best.

Once upon a time, no weekend was complete without a wild or impromptu night out, drinking and partying until the early hours of the morning. While those days are not necessarily behind me, the days of recognising what I really need to prepare for the week ahead are here and now.

The End.


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