About Going To Brussels

At the first gathering of the Brussels Food Friends in 2014, my attention was drawn to the fact that I had never explained the name of my blog, as a number of people asked if I had just recently moved to Belgium. I actually started the blog in 2009, a year after moving to Brussels. When I moved, I was a sad confused pathetic person, but Brussels seemed to cheer me up a bit, so I started the blog to express this feeling of happiness.

The title of the blog, Going to Brussels, comes from the words attributed to Captain Lawrence Oates by his team leader, Robert Falcon Scott, as he stepped into a blizzard in Antarctica. Brussels is by no means a blizzard, nor was I holding anyone up, but I was only initially supposed to be here for 3 months, and yet here I am, 6+ years later, slightly less sad, confused and pathetic, and never likely to return to Ireland.

Originally I only updated the blog sporadically, because there was no other reason to do so. My love of baking and cooking gave me a direction, as has my recent foray into self-imposed unemployment. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and are inspired by them to do even better things in your own kitchen and life.

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  1. Dude, you were and are not pathetic. Get a hold of yourself. Ok, love you bye x


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