Running Vancouver

No, I haven’t taken over the city. But I have a confession: there was a moment when I almost jumped up and shouted “Sign me up for the 2017 Run Van! #lifegoals!!!”. This was at the stage when this year’s marathon runners had started to pass my spot beside Second Beach, where a band with…

An ode to München

Yesterday, my mind and body were gently recovering from our football tournament in Munich. As is my wont in these situations, creativity struck. I remembered a conversation in the Hofbrauhaus, when one of the boys quoted the first line of Wordsworth’s Daffodils, in a reference to his hungover condition. With that rhyming pattern in my…

What’s another year?: White chocolate and cranberry cookies

When I lived in Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day wasn’t that big a deal. The parade in Cork was always cold and rainy and the only memory I have of the day as a teenager was when everyone in my class was given 300 lines to write over the bank holiday weekend. Dismal. This means that St….

Poster Girl: Energy Bars

I’ve been planning this post for ages, because this recipe is super useful but I keep losing it and have to go searching through my Gmail inbox. It is also going to take a while to type because I’ve just started watching The Wire and I’ve got to keep an eye on the TV screen….